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Serving the Columbus Region Since 1971

We are a full service Commercial Real Estate company capable of helping you and your business take control of your real estate needs.

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Sales and Leasing

We have a proven record of successful real estate transactions including the sales and leasing of land, office, retail, and industrial properties throughout Central Ohio and around the world. NAI Ohio Equities is a dedicated team, ready to work for you. We have an in-house marketing team that will assist all sales associates on how to best list your property. Let one of our professionals work with you on listing your property today.

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Tenant Representation

If you are new to the Columbus region, expanding your business, or simply looking for new space, our talented and professional tenant representatives will help you understand the process. NAI Ohio Equities is here to walk you through all aspects of site selection; from discovery and identification phase all the way through the negotiation and signing of your new lease or closing on your new space.

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Property Management

NAI Ohio Equities’ team includes 20 helpful and talented property managers, each hired to make sure your property functions effectively. From snow removal to security to HVAC repairs, our property management experts offer peace of mind that every last concern is being considered, managed, and repaired. We also offer full accounting support tailored to your operation.

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Who Are We?

Our agents have been helping clients find the perfect real estate solutions for all of their business needs since 1971. Our team members are ready and anxious to offer their assistance for whatever you need.

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Market Reports

Office vacancy increased to 7.7% despite a positive absorption of 39,061 SF

Quoted rental rates ended the first quarter at $20.11, in line with the previous quarter, but a 4.3% increase over this time last year

The Office vacancy rate increased to 7.7% during the first quarter of 2020.

There were 276 sales the last 12 months, averaging $104/SF and an 8.8% CAP rate.

There were two deliveries during the first quarter totaling 157,000 SF with an additional 978,000 SF additional under construction.

“The office sector remained relatively flat throughout the first quarter and it’s too early to tell what impact, if any, the pandemic will have on lease rates and overall activity.” - Matt Gregory, Senior VP Office Brokerage

Property Management

Property Management

Professional Property Management is critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your commercial real estate investment. At NAI Ohio Equities, we provide active management and integrated resources to preserve and enhance the value of each of your company's real estate assets. We provide a complete and competitive range of property management services for industrial, office, medical, and retail buildings, as well as educational and multi-family properties and home-owner associations.

All NAI Ohio Equities managed assets operate in accordance with our Property Service Standards Program that promotes consistent, high-level operational practices, yet is designed with the flexibility to cater to the unique needs of each property and client.

Case Studies and Testimonials

"Ryan McGreevy very professionally handled the sale of this property and I was very satisfied with his work. I look forward to doing future business together."

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"Each and every prospective deal is always handled in a professional and compelling manner. Furthermore, the attention to detail and analysis provided with each RFP has greatly helped the partners in their decision making."

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"The NAI Ohio Equities Industrial Team has done an excellent job for us. After purchasing Southeast Industrial Park our goal has been to sell the buildings individually. Their team has clearly communicated our objectives to the brokerage community and end users. Through an aggressive marketing effort they have been able to sell 13 of the 18 buildings in the park. We appreciate their determined and honest approach to business."

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"Working with Matt Gregory and Andy Dutcher was fantastic. They were both very energetic and knowledgeable, responding quickly to our various needs and questions. Both are very personable, understood our needs, and strongly supported our effort to start a social enterprise. I would highly recommend them both."

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"Joe Menninger and Philip Bird were a delight to work with. They completely understood our parameters and the necessity to sell our real estate, while continuing to maintain our operations in the space during and after the sale."

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"We have grown significantly in the past few years and had to lease space at three separate locations in order to accomodate the needs of the agency. I was delighted with the personal commitment made by both Peter Merkle and Matt Gregory to find us a property that met all of Alvis House's needs. The time and effort they have put forth has been invaluable."

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Recent News

How is Supply Chain Disruption Impacting Industrial CRE?

June 9, 2020

What hasn’t COVID disrupted? At this point, the shocking headlines exploring the ways the coronavirus is impacting the world has become the ‘new normal.’

It’s clear that the virus has made waves everywhere, but the one thing everyone is keeping an eye on is the industrial sector.

The warehousing business has been actualizing all of e-commerce’s promises, adapting to every new trend, and being increasingly flexible along the way. But, the already busy world of industrial kicked up yet again when COVID-19 cropped up.

The virus immediately caused discrepancies in supply and demand by hitting the global industrial complex where it hurts. Industrial giants in China, Europe, and the U.S. all faced serious lags as producers shut down, staff members were compromised, and market demands surged as people hurried to stock up on everything and more.

The list of contributing factors goes on, but before we dive into more breaking news, let’s take a moment to digest and assess what we’ve learned so far.

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Looking to Invest? Terminology 101

May 19, 2020

Are you new to Commercial Real Estate, or have you never known what any of the following terms mean? Here we give you a quick breakdown of common terminology found in the world of CRE (commercial real estate):

Build Out: The construction or improvements of the interior space, including flooring, walls, finished plumbing, electrical work, etc.

Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate): The value given to the property when the Net Operating Income (NOI) is divided by the current market value or sales price. A cap rate can be used as a rough indicator of how quickly an investment will pay for itself. The higher the cap rate, the better.

Contiguous: Touching at some point or along a boundary; spaces next to one another.

Deed Restriction: An imposed restriction in a deed that limits the use of the property. For example, a restriction could prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Eminent Domain: The governments’ right to condemn and acquire property for public use. The government must provide the owner with fair compensation.

Escrow: A written agreement among parties, requiring that certain property/funds be placed with a third party. The object in escrow is released to a designated entity upon completion of some specific occurrence.

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Four Ways Multifamily Property Owners Can Keep Tenants Informed and Safe

May 12, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the nation, CRE’s multifamily sector is put in a unique position. Being the space where the home-life of residents merges with the commercial arena, multifamily communities are in a bracket in and of itself.

Multifamily property owners have a responsibility to keep their tenants safe and prevent the contagion from spreading throughout the community’s population. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that property owners can take that can help bend the curve and keep your residents safe, healthy, and informed.

Here are 4 highly recommended COVID-19 response guidelines for multifamily property owners:

Send Out Regular Email Updates

The COVID-19 situation is updating on a daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute basis. Breaking news, adjustments to protocols, and new discoveries are coming out constantly; and it’s up to multifamily property owners to ensure that their residents are up-to-speed with the latest state of affairs.

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