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Serving the Columbus Region Since 1971

We are a full service Commercial Real Estate company capable of helping you and your business take control of your real estate needs.

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Sales and Leasing

We have a proven record of successful real estate transactions including the sales and leasing of land, office, retail, and industrial properties throughout Central Ohio and around the world. NAI Ohio Equities is a dedicated team, ready to work for you. We have an in-house marketing team that will assist all sales associates on how to best list your property. Let one of our professionals work with you on listing your property today.

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Tenant Representation

If you are new to the Columbus region, expanding your business, or simply looking for new space, our talented and professional tenant representatives will help you understand the process. NAI Ohio Equities is here to walk you through all aspects of site selection; from discovery and identification phase all the way through the negotiation and signing of your new lease or closing on your new space.

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Property Management

NAI Ohio Equities’ team includes 20 helpful and talented property managers, each hired to make sure your property functions effectively. From snow removal to security to HVAC repairs, our property management experts offer peace of mind that every last concern is being considered, managed, and repaired. We also offer full accounting support tailored to your operation.

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Who Are We?

Our agents have been helping clients find the perfect real estate solutions for all of their business needs since 1971. Our team members are ready and anxious to offer their assistance for whatever you need.

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Market Reports

Columbus’ retail vacancy rate increased in the fourth quarter up to 3.3% from 3.1% in the third quarter of 2019.

Over -43,344 SF has been absorbed over the past quarter, sending vacancies close to record lows.

The retail rental rate was $15.74 per square foot per year at the end of the fourth quarter, representing a 1% increase from the end of the third quarter of 2019.

There are 501,961 SF of retail projects currently under construction.

"The Columbus retail market’s vacancies are near historic lows by keeping new construction down, resulting in steady rent gains." - Mike Simpson, President

Property Management

Property Management

Professional Property Management is critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your commercial real estate investment. At NAI Ohio Equities, we provide active management and integrated resources to preserve and enhance the value of each of your company's real estate assets. We provide a complete and competitive range of property management services for industrial, office, medical, and retail buildings, as well as educational and multi-family properties and home-owner associations.

All NAI Ohio Equities managed assets operate in accordance with our Property Service Standards Program that promotes consistent, high-level operational practices, yet is designed with the flexibility to cater to the unique needs of each property and client.

Case Studies and Testimonials

"Ryan McGreevy very professionally handled the sale of this property and I was very satisfied with his work. I look forward to doing future business together."

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"Each and every prospective deal is always handled in a professional and compelling manner. Furthermore, the attention to detail and analysis provided with each RFP has greatly helped the partners in their decision making."

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"The NAI Ohio Equities Industrial Team has done an excellent job for us. After purchasing Southeast Industrial Park our goal has been to sell the buildings individually. Their team has clearly communicated our objectives to the brokerage community and end users. Through an aggressive marketing effort they have been able to sell 13 of the 18 buildings in the park. We appreciate their determined and honest approach to business."

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"Working with Matt Gregory and Andy Dutcher was fantastic. They were both very energetic and knowledgeable, responding quickly to our various needs and questions. Both are very personable, understood our needs, and strongly supported our effort to start a social enterprise. I would highly recommend them both."

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"Joe Menninger and Philip Bird were a delight to work with. They completely understood our parameters and the necessity to sell our real estate, while continuing to maintain our operations in the space during and after the sale."

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"We have grown significantly in the past few years and had to lease space at three separate locations in order to accomodate the needs of the agency. I was delighted with the personal commitment made by both Peter Merkle and Matt Gregory to find us a property that met all of Alvis House's needs. The time and effort they have put forth has been invaluable."

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Recent News

Here’s How the Smart City Has Changed in the Last Year

February 11, 2020

The Smart revolution is upon us. Smartphones, Smart Devices, Smart Houses, Smart Buildings; the list continues. We’re in a seemingly never-ending progression towards all things Smart – and the development reaches its peak capacity with Smart Cities.

These tech-powered metropolitan locations represent the height of contemporary technologies. All things digital come together to create a seamless net of information, innovation, and evolution.

In the last year alone, Smart Cities have undergone progress at an inconceivable rate. What was once impossible is now the norm in the globe’s biggest Smart Cities such as New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Reykjavik, Seoul, and London.

When change is happening so fast, it’s a good idea for all of us to slow down and catch up. This is especially vital for CRE professionals who need to remain up to speed on the latest commercial real estate developments all over the world.

Sit back, relax, and get caught up. Here’s how the Smart City module has changed during 2019:

Advanced 5G Connectivity

5G is here. Although we’re already pretty familiar with this cool new tool, it’s important to remember that 5G wasn’t around a year ago.

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Four Things to Think About Before Your Office Lease Renews

January 21, 2020

Is it that time of year, again?

Office lease renewal periods are a great time to reconsider your current terms as it provides tenants with the opportunity to think about some important points. In any commercial deal, lease renewals should be handled with winning strategies.

If you’re ready to renew your office lease, make sure to consider these 4 points first:

Always Read Between the Lines

Tenants should never get too comfortable. Carefully reviewing the exact terms of each lease will help office tenants avoid big problems down the line. Even if you’ve been in the same office space for years, don’t think you can skim through the paperwork at renewal time.

First things first, the most basic rule should be to get clear on the details. It’s a good idea to assume that each lease is completely different - helping you to pay closer attention.

Always look out for rent increases, coverage of operational costs, tax rates, and maintenance. Consider how these slight adjustments will impact the deal as a whole. If something seems unclear, don’t hesitate to request clarification from your landlord.

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Colleges are Cashing in On Real Estate: Here’s How

December 10, 2019

We all know that real estate is a prosperous industry. Its profit-boosting powers have been catching the eyes of a new demographic. Can you guess who?

If universities came to mind, then you’re right on the ball. Colleges have been heavily investing in their surrounding communities for a while, and they’ve been reaping the rewards. Universities are now playing a far more active role in their local commercial markets.

Let’s take a look at how colleges are using commercial real estate to increase their profits.

Expanding the Campus Grounds

Today’s colleges aren’t set up the same way they were 30 years ago. The business has changed and universities have evolved into larger and more dynamic campuses.

The traditional college setup has expanded to include student housing, top-rated facilities, school buildings, shops, bookstores, cafes, and more. In diversifying their business platform, colleges are expanding their money-generating potentials.

Colleges are known to capitalize on CRE spaces like restaurants, multifamily complexes, entertainment options, off-site gyms, and other amenities for their student bodies. Universities are broadening their investment possibilities, fattening their portfolios, and increasing their income.

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NAI Ohio Equities is hiring. If you are looking for employment with our company and fit the requirements we are looking for, we would love to meet you. Please review any job openings below, and if interested, please click on the listings to view more information and apply. Thanks!